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Coliving is new way of life

Why are Millennials attracted to co-living?

Sharing spaces is not an uncommon concept. Co-working spaces are also now a fixture in the industry. But have you heard of co-living? It turns out that Millennials are increasingly open to this type of living situation. What is it, and ...

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Home for sale

Revealed: How to get the best price for your home

In the home selling process, one of the first things we establish is the price of your property. It plays a crucial role, not only in the return on your investment but in attracting buyers to purchase your home. The question that remai...

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Best family-friendly activities in Decatur, GA

When the family is up for a new adventure or discovery, Decatur, GA doesn’t disappoint. It has plenty of places and activities that family members of all ages will enjoy. Here are some of them: Read a book at the Little Shop of Storie...

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5 Top reasons sellers reject offers

There are many reasons why a seller rejects an offer to buy their home. Many of these reasons boil down to mistakes made by the buyer before or during the transaction. These mistakes can be avoided and can serve as learning curves when the ...

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Spring in Suburbia

How to improve curb appeal without breaking the bank

There is more to curb appeal than a pretty house exterior. Curb appeal also applies to the driveway, landscaping, outdoor decorations, and even sidewalks. Developing a home’s curb appeal is a great idea for those planning to sell it in...

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School children

The top-rated public schools of Decatur, GA

One of the things that make Decatur, GA a great place to raise a family is the excellent school options in the area. The city is served by City Schools of Decatur, an independent school system that includes five elementary schools, one midd...

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Mexican sizzling fajitas

Best places to dine and drink in Oakhurst

The historic neighborhood of Oakhurst in a hidden gem in the City of Decatur. This small community of approximately 5,000 has a flavor all its own, seamlessly blending hipster elements with family-friendly charm. The recently-revitalized Oa...

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Save money for home cost

Mistakes to avoid when picking a list sales price

Pricing is a delicate art that requires a thorough understanding of Atlanta’s housing market. Here are some common pricing mistakes that sellers make and how you can avoid them: Choosing the agent who suggests the highest listing pric...

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