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A visitor’s guide to Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Museum display cabinet

Learn about dinosaurs, animals, and cultural artifacts at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. One of Atlanta’s most popular attractions, it is home to the largest movie screen in the city, as well as some of the largest dinosaurs in the world. The museum hopes to instill a deep, lifelong appreciation for the planet through immersive programs and fascinating exhibits.

For the past 80 years,the museum has been committed to the preservation of Fernbank Forest which serves as a green classroom for nature studies. Its sustainability practices include stewardship of the forest, an extensive recycling program, and water conservation.

The museum is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, except on holidays and during special events. Click here to buy tickets.

Exhibits, movies, and outdoor adventures at Fernbank Museum

Permanent exhibits

Fernbank Nature Quest brings out your child’s inner scientist by offering hundreds of interactive activities, animal exhibits, and animal encounters. Watch them climb up the netting inside an ancient red oak tree, explore a virtual waterfall, check out dinosaur fossils, and more.

Dinosaur Plaza features bronze dinosaur sculptures and an outdoor area filled with plants, trees, and flowers. The dinosaurs depicted in the plaza are ahadrosaur species, Lophorhothonatopus, that once roamed the present-day state of Georgia.

Giants of the Mesozoic brings you an epic predator-prey battle between some of the largest dinosaurs ever discovered. Apart from the clashing dinosaurs, guests will also see dinosaur and pterosaur tracks, a fossilized crocodile, a turtle shell, and the remnants of a magnificent Auracaria tree.

Located in the Great Hall, the exhibit offers a glimpse into prehistoric life in the badlands of Patagonia in Argentina. The fossils on display are cast replicas of the original specimens that were unearthed in the area.

A Walk through Time in Georgia tells the story of Georgia and the planet through 15 galleries, realistic dioramas, and engaging theaters. Find out how the state of Georgia looked in the past and how its environment transformed over millions of years.

Special exhibitions

The museum holds seasonal exhibits, including:

  • Woodland Spirits
  • Winter Wonderland

Giant screen movies

The museum’s Giant Screen Theater features an advanced 4K laser projection system with 2D and 3D capabilities. Get the chance to see award-winning movies in this state-of-the-art theater, including:

  • Oceans: Our Blue Planet 3D
  • Earthflight 3D
  • Flight of the Butterflies 3D
  • Great Barrier Reef 3D

Outdoor adventures

Reconnect with nature at Fernbank Forest and Wildwoods which bring you 75 acres of greenery to explore. Enjoy the scenery, go hiking along the trails, and spend time at Nature Gallery, an exhibit space featuring photos and macro-sculptures.

Rent the museum’s facilities

The museum can be rented for special occasions – black tie events, birthday parties, and weddings have been celebrated here in the past. Their facilities include:

  • Great Hall
  • Stephensen Hall
  • Fernbank Café
  • Star Gallery
  • Frances Wood Wilson Theater
  • Giant Screen Theater
  • Terrace
  • Conference rooms

Guests can avail of birthday packages that cover goodie bags, t-shirts, and access to the museum and Fernbank Forest.