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How to improve curb appeal without breaking the bank

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There is more to curb appeal than a pretty house exterior. Curb appeal also applies to the driveway, landscaping, outdoor decorations, and even sidewalks.

Developing a home’s curb appeal is a great idea for those planning to sell it in the future. It gives potential buyers an excellent first impression of the home just from the view outside.

Here are several ways to improve a home’s curb appeal without breaking the bank.

  • Repaint the front door

    One of the most common ways to improve a home’s curb appeal is by repainting the door. If painted in the right color, it will be the first object visitors look at as they enter the house. It is also important that the new front door matches the rest of the home’s exterior.

  • Update the mailbox

    Enhance a home’s curb appeal by giving the mailbox a fresh new look. The mailbox can be painted in a completely different color or can be turned into a work of art. This simple DIY project allows one to unleash their creativity to create a fun yet functional mailbox. Some mailbox makeover ideas involve using bolder and more vibrant colors, turning it into an art piece or giving it a timeless look.

  • Repaint flower pots

    Give terracotta flower pots a complete makeover by painting different patterns on them. They will instantly add a touch of style and brighten up the home’s outdoor space. Just make sure to clean the flower pots well before painting by scrubbing them with dish soap and warm water.

  • Add wooden planters

    Planters do a great job of adding instant curb appeal to a home. Planks of wood, screws, and a drill are what’s needed to build a wooden planter box. These easy-to-make planters can be placed anywhere from the front of the porch to the walls.

  • Hang a birdhouse

    Birdhouses add a nice touch to a home’s curb appeal. More than attracting and nourishing birds in the area, these are charming, useful, and come in all shapes and sizes. Birdhouses can also be placed on the porch, on the exterior wall, or in open areas.

  • Spruce up the porch

    If the front or back porch looks a little dull and uninteresting, liven it up with chairs, outdoor lights, and potted plants. Use chairs, pillows or blankets that are no longer in use. This creates a more welcoming and inviting space for family and guests.

  • Trim the lawn

    A clean and healthy lawn can go a long way. Just like the rest of the home’s exterior, it gives the impression of a well-maintained home.

    Homeowners must regularly take care of their lawn by mowing it every once a week. They should change directions when mowing the lawn every now and then and avoid cutting the grass too short.

  • Clean up the driveway

    The driveway and sidewalk are among the most overlooked areas of a home’s curb appeal. Due to vehicles and foot traffic on the driveway, it tends to get quite dirty and dusty. Cleaning the driveway and sidewalk is a great idea – just grab the garden hose and turn the nozzle on full blast.

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