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What it’s like to live in Druid Hills, GA


Druid Hills is an affluent, historic community encompassing a census-designated place in DeKalb County and a neighborhood in Atlanta.

Located about 5 miles to the east of Downtown Atlanta, Druid Hills is an urban neighborhood with a refreshingly suburban feel. Living here will put you just
minutes away from the fantastic attractions and amenities of the big city while being surrounded by the lush beauty and tranquility of nature. Druid Hills is also home to the Emory University campus, giving the community a youthful and vibrant vibe.

A brief history

Known as “Atlanta’s second suburb”, Druid Hills was developed by Joel Hurt, who was also the developer of Inman Par, the first suburb of Atlanta. In the
1890s, Hurt commissioned premier landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted to plan Druid Hills.

Upon its completion, Druid Hills came to be known for its innovation in suburban design, and was the model for subsequent developments in the area. The community incorporates the elements that Olmsted had envisioned in an ideal suburban neighborhood, including a park that serves as the community’s central point, a parkway that connects the neighborhood, and homes on large lots facing the park.

In line with Olmsted’s vision, the streets of Druid Hills were built without disturbing much of the area’s natural topography. They feature gentle curves that follow the natural terrain, and open spaces that create a picturesque backdrop.

Real estate in Druid Hills

Druid Hills has been home to many notable Atlanta citizens since the early 1900s, and today, the early residents’ turn-of-the-20th-century mansions grace the community’s historic districts. These stately homes were built in various architectural styles, including Georgian, Jacobean, Italian Renaissance, Tudor
and 20th century Victorian.

Smaller historic homes are also found in the area, adding charm with their vintage elements. You will also find plenty of modern homes built in the 1950s and later.

The housing stock in Druid Hills also includes apartments and condominiums that offer more affordable options to renters and homebuyers. Many of these are found near Emory University, providing housing to students and the university staff. These include upscale developments with community amenities like
swimming pools, tennis courts, private garages, fitness centers, and so on.

Schools near Druid Hills

The community is served by the highly-rated DeKalb County Schools, which include Fernbank Elementary School, Druid Hills Middle School, and Druid Hills High School. Founded in 1914, Druid Hills High School is one of the oldest schools in the district and follows the International Baccalaureate curriculum.

Emory University offers great opportunities for those seeking higher education. Founded in 1836 by the Methodist Episcopal Church, it is considered one of the leading research universities in the world, and has gained international recognition for its liberal arts colleges, graduate schools, and health care systems.

Attractions and activities in Druid Hills

Druid Hills’ close proximity to Downtown Atlanta provides residents with numerous shopping, dining, and recreation options. The community also features a host of attractions and amenities within its borders, including:

  • Historic districts
  • The Druid Hills Historic District is listed in the National Register of
    Historic Places, along with four other districts:

    • Cameron Court
    • Emory Grove
    • Druid Hills Parks and Parkways
    • University Park-Emory Highlands-Emory Estates

  • Olmsted Linear Park
  • This 45-acre green space is found along Ponce de Leon Avenue, and includes five linear park segments and a 22-acre forest. Its curving pathways and historic elements have delighted visitors and Druid Hills residents for decades.

  • Druid Hills Golf Club
  • Established in 1912, this stunning members-only golf club has played host
    to major events, including several US Women’s Open qualifying tournaments. In addition to the 18-hole championship course designed by Hubert H. Baker, the club also features tennis courts, a fitness center, a swimming pool, and dining rooms.

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