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Pros and cons of living in gated communities


Living in a gated  community is a dream for many  – it connotes success and having the best things  in life. But it’s not for everyone. If you’re thinking of buying a home  in a gated  community, look more closely into the benefits  and downsides before making a decision.

Pros of living in gated communities

  • Security and  privacy
  • A gated  community provides utmost security, with  guards at the gate and

    CCTV cameras throughout the neighborhood. You can sleep in peace knowing the chances  of your home  getting burglarized is remote, and your kids can roam about  in safety. You also get plenty of privacy, with people coming  into the neighborhood screened at the gate before they’re allowed entry.

  • Topnotch amenities
  • Most gated  communities come with a wealth of shared amenities, such as swimming pools, tennis  courts,  clubhouses, and fitness rooms  or gyms. Some feature shopping centers,  golf clubs, restaurants, and even schools and health facilities. Not only do these facilities provide a convenient and quality lifestyle, they also give residents the opportunity to get together and build  interpersonal relationships.

  • Comfort and  uninterrupted services
  • Because the number of people who can come in and out of the community is restricted, you get serene,  traffic-free  streets.  Many gated

    neighborhoods also provide such amenities as backup power, central heating systems, treated water  services, and more. The community’s homeowner association often takes care of daily maintenance needs,  such as garbage collection  and the upkeep of common areas.

  • Preserved and  enhanced home values
  • Gated  communities provide a certain  measure of prestige and denote luxury, which  help enhance the value of properties here. Homes in these neighborhoods are generally well-maintained and boast high-quality design and construction that can withstand the test of time. Also, with the HOA maintaining architectural harmony, the prices of the homes  in a gated community are often comparable to each other,  translating to better value for homeowners.

Cons  of living in gated communities

  • Access may be difficult
  • Because of the community’s relative isolation, public  transportation may not be as accessible  as you would like. Most residents rely on private

    vehicles to get around. Additionally, if you have visitors  coming,  they may have to queue at the gate to get past security checks. This can also be a concern  when  you need contractors to come and work  in your home.

  • High HOA  fees
  • The perks  that you get from living in a gated  community do not come for free. Typically,  you have to pay a homeowners association fee – and in many  cases, these fees are rather sizable.

  • Isolation from  the rest of the community
  • Living in a gated  community may feel like you’re living in a bubble, separated from the rest of the town  or city where you belong.  While many see this as a good thing,  it’s not for those who prefer  to live “in the real world” and want  to experience the area’s culture and lifestyle.

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